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Westerlund Global

Westerlund Global

Hotel consultant Westerlund Global delivers international property investment advice.

Convention and revolution merge in our creative identity for the company. 

Beginning with a unique colour palette of stable navy and elegant champagne, vibrant pops of orange disrupt conservative design. Edgy and modern, the anamorphic logo and palette contrast other market advisors, positioning Westerlund as a rare combination of both progressive and traditional.

The Voice

Though brand slogan may be concise, a sense of warmth is conveyed through application of guidance over direction. This distinct blend of cordiality and authority identify Westerlund as strong and memorable – offering the company a specialised advantage over similar contenders.

The Process

A sleek, minimal identity and professional collateral serve to enhance Westerlund’s global-facing image. Presenting as highly specialised, the brand upsets the market status quo with firmly innovative design.