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The Village Florist

The Village Florist

The Village Florist creates bespoke arrangements for every occasion.


Hoping to attract new and established clients alike, The Village Florist entrusted its identity to us.

Tasked with the creation of something playful and striking, we worked to establish an irresistible brand.

Inspired by vintage font and typography trends in Brooklyn, the revised identity is clean, crisp and classic – alluding to flower stems with long, thin type. A monochrome palette is offset by rich, forest green, prevalent in the owner’s arrangement selections. Punchy, punny brand voice plays cutely on flowers, injecting the brand with a little light-humour.

The Result

All in all, the finished brand is delicate, rustic and modern – mirroring the unique aesthetic and reputation the floristry has become renowned for. Browse our digital design, or buy a beautiful bouquet of blooms for yourself here.