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Skulpt Face & Body

Skulpt Face & Body

Skulpt offers specialist, non-invasive face and body contouring services.

Eager to establish a point of difference from ‘unattainable’ competitors, Being was brought on to establish a relatable identity.

Blending abstract photography with structural elements, the new Skulpt brands body contouring as a positive experience – drawing parallels between the company’s name and fine works of art.


Referencing iconic artworks, copy plays up the workmanship behind great sculptures and paintings – implying everyone needs a little help to become a masterpiece. Incorporating Skulpt’s request for humour without alienating a refined market, brand voice is playful, knowledgeable and experienced.


Addressing the client’s desire for disruption, our second presented concept engaged eye-catching colours and cheeky wordplay to stand out in the market. Though deemed potentially too outgoing for the target audience, it aided Skulpt in defining an ideal brand direction.