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Australian construction titan Probuild transforms ideas into cities.

With a prestigious reputation to uphold, this esteemed company frequently requires winning, on-brand collateral.

Thinking from the brand's corporate perspective, tender design, marketing assets and copy support must each appeal to industry members and clients, while testing the limits of established guidelines.

The Design

Cutting-edge tenders further Probuild's image as an industry trendsetter. Delivering bespoke designs to demonstrate consideration of tender briefs and deliverables, we create unique yet cohesive collateral for each submission.

The Sound

To ensure consistency and professionalism across all touch points, tone of CV and award submissions has been unified - clarifying Probuild's voice. Packaging dense, technical jargon in a digestible format, copy consistently prioritises the best of each project.

There's no other agency like Being Brands. Their responsiveness, customer service, and quality of work are beyond compare. From cutting-edge tender design to wonderful word-smithing of our CVs, Being genuinely understands how to push our brand guidelines to their potential.

Former NSW Submissions and Marketing Manager, Probuild