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Perman Auto Concepts brings the latest automotive technology to the Indian market.

Eager to establish its position in India's growing automotive industry, Perman commissioned Being to develop a professional, premium and modern identity.

From the colour palette to the dynamic composition, the identity positions Perman as a company that's always one step ahead.

Embracing contemporary graphics, the logo and website reference the company's focus on sourcing superior technology.

The Identity

Injecting a vibrant orange into a pared back palette of white, black and grey sets Perman apart from classic automotive brands. The striking shade cleverly highlights the important information, catching the attention of automotive experts and potential customers. The rounded corners on the letter P soften the logo and allude to the sense of movement characteristic of the automotive industry.

The Process

Our objective from the outset was to create a simple, recognisable icon that could stand alone as a brand mark. The chosen logo is intentionally minimalistic, drawing inspiration from premium race car brands with dynamic lettering and bold colour.