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NSW Government

NSW Government

The combined efforts of the NSW Government need no introduction.

We enjoy providing ongoing support to the multiple NSW departments that deliver high-quality attention to our state.

Strict, professional requirements of government brand guidelines have encouraged us to adopt innovative solutions that meet project briefs in creative, compliant ways.

We’ve produced bright, upbeat annual report and appreciation collateral, developed EIEs and guidelines, and designed an original quarterly magazine – focusing on key components of positivity, accessibility and people through every step of the process.

NSW Department of Planning and Environment: EIEs

Concepts for this department’s Explanations of Intended Effect stem from stipulated brand guidelines. Each EIE features its own individual, formulaic colour palette – positioning designs as unique both alongside one another, and within the boundaries of parent guidelines.

SWSLHD Media and Communications: Quarterly Magazine

Thrive offers readers a snapshot of SWSLHD’s hospital districts, circulating the latest news, articles and innovation. Complying with the client's seasonal colour choice, each publication's scheme differentiates from previous editions. Crafting an approachable look for the magazine’s diverse reader base, the publication is friendly, stylised and easy to navigate.