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Moxie + Muse

Moxie + Muse

Cutting-edge hair studio Moxie + Muse caters to a rapidly shifting environment.

Situated in up-and-coming coastal town Long Jetty, the salon’s quirky charm is well placed.

When founding a cool business in the heart of the suburb, Moxie + Muse requested an identity suited to both its kind, organic approach, and the district’s youthful vibe.

Our monochromatic logo is unique in its complementary and contrasting features, echoing thematic juxtaposition of the name. Big type and natural textures combine agreeably, reflecting the sass, spirit and creativity behind the brand.

The Process

Moxie + Muse’s identity is rare to us in its duality; it successfully melds into the local environment, but also stands apart in its idiosyncrasies. Signage and stationery are aligned with this distinctive pairing, enhancing the pseudo-Byron ambiance of the region.

From the moment I started chatting with Chris Croker, Head of Creative at Being Brands, I knew I had found a kindred spirit. Chris guided me through defining the Moxie + Muse brand with genuine care, passion and intuition.

I absolutely loved my experience working with Being Brands and couldn’t be happier with the design we created together. The ‘Moxie’ attitude and the ‘Muse’ creative is definitely richer with Being Brands bringing it to life.

Founder, Moxie + Muse