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Luna Wear

Luna Wear

Luna Wear is a brand going to the dogs – and for good reason.

The visual identity for this dog-wear line echoes the humanity between owner and pet.

Instituted to support the underfunded welfare shelters that donate so much to rescues, Luna Wear’s aim is to trade stories and experiences through clothing; communing a collective of dog lovers and activists through the hashtag #jointhelunatics.

Moving away from generically bright animal product branding, we developed a minimalist visual identity inspired by traditional typography to communicate the founder’s sincere love for animals. Engaging and playful voice and tone offset this nicely, lightening the identity with fun, conversational pieces.

Earthy tones in the brand’s stationery, website, packaging and photography reflect the genuine authenticity behind the business – one that seeks to help those unable to help themselves.

Tiki Collaboration

Independent animal shelter Tiki required a brand to promote its charitable cause. Never ones to say no to animals, we couldn’t resist helping out. Illustrative logo and sticker design is reflective of the owner’s genuine character, with all proceeds donated to neglected dogs.

My team helped me fulfil my passion project. Without their skilful contribution, Luna Wear wouldn’t be the company it is today.
Founder, Luna Wear
The Process

Traditional type positions the Luna Wear brand as highly confident. Simple in approach and intent, all collateral aims to establish authentic connections with customers. Photography lends an emotive touch, demonstrating the genuine difference consumers have the power to make.