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LS Global

LS Global

Asia Pacific-based agency LS Global specialises in international real estate development.

With a global reputation to uphold, consistency and professionalism were required across all components of the brand. 

The LS Global identity encapsulates the company’s top-down approach from a bird’s-eye perspective, referencing the ‘home environment’ through an icon reminiscent of floor plan blueprints. This design is replicated across all brand stationery – including client presentation documents and digital templates – to demonstrate sincere consideration of the demographic’s needs.

The Website

Investing time into multiple branding applications proved invaluable to the architecture of the website build. Sleek, sophisticated, and easy to navigate, the site seamlessly guides the user through LS Global’s boutique advisory process.

The Accessibility

Throughout the process, ensuring LS Global’s dense subject matter never alienated its clientele was key. Bold collateral is reflective of this, presenting information in an easily digestible format.