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Legacy Communications

Legacy Communications

International organisation Legacy Communications primarily serves the PNG market.

Motivated by significant, cultural heritage, this communications company needed the look to match its voice.

Legacy Communications’ large Papua New Guinean clientele base became a key influencer for its brand.

Inspired by the traditional body paint associated with national celebrations and festivals, primary block colours shine through identity design. This eye-catching scheme is replicated throughout all brand elements, drawing attention to messaging as a key point of interest.

The Collateral

Pulling focus to central messages with big, bold type, collateral is clear in intent – as befits an international communications company. Imagery and colour serve to enhance central topics, grounding documents contextually. 

I have worked with Being Brands on several important projects across companies here, and also in Papua New Guinea. The quality of their work is excellent, and they are very cost-effective for the high standard of work they produce. They have produced key marketing collateral such as a website, company brochure and capabilities document, and all work is top shelf. They have also provided branding expertise to two companies, and the work was excellent, capturing the essence of our company story and how we want to be perceived by the public.
They are great people to deal with, and also extremely responsive in terms of turnaround on the order. If you have something deadline sensitive, they deliver the work very quickly. 

I would certainly recommend them.

Founder, Legacy Communications