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Kieran Roche

Kieran Roche

Aussie triathlete Kieran Roche is driven, down to earth, and determined to win.

Intent on taking the Iron Man title one day, a little of Being's help had to go a long way.

As an extraordinary athlete in a sea of elite competitors, Kieran's visibility is integral. Presenting a number of intense colour options to improve physical prominence, unite uniform and collateral, and stand out from competitors, Kieran chose a hot, trademark orange.

The Slogan

Increasing saleability to as many industries as possible, sponsorship taglines substitute nouns according to business. Cheeky in overtone, slogans demonstrate consideration of the client, pitch and partnership benefits, in a clipped, concise format.

The Appeal

Wholly distinct from rival sponsorship appeals, Kieran's collateral reflects his individual style, excellent results and future plans through dynamic graphics. Composed to emulate his humble, 'Aussie' attitude, documents showcase the real Kieran - hard working, focused and fearless.