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Independent Planning Commission

Independent Planning Commission

The Independent Planning Commission (IPC) builds confidence in statewide decision-making processes.

Eager to transition from the NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC), Being was appointed to assist with identity repositioning.

Stressing the importance of a brand that demonstrates no stakeholder bias, the revised identity, website and collateral encourage the broader community to freely engage with the Commission.

The Identity

Versatile design components enable greater exploration of alternative design directions, establishing dynamic imagery through varied materials and textures. Softening and modernising the brand’s look, sound and feel, the revised identity successfully melds abstract concepts with firm Government requirements.

I’m just reflecting on the creative work of your team, and wanted to say that you all really did a famous job of the presentation in all of the various iterations we went through. Also, the monumental effort to roll it out in such a short timeframe is a credit to your company. Thank you so much for your collective efforts this past couple of weeks.

Team Leader Secretariat, IPC