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Hollee’s essential oil business offers consumers a genuine brand experience.

Intent on establishing an honest personal identity, Hollee commissioned Being to help her form authentic connections with clientele.

We began with a natural, earthy logo, juxtaposing comforting wooden textures with clean, white type. A rich palette is inspired by tones of soil, linking Hollee’s brand to the organic attributes of her products.

Intent on motivating clients to dream big, brand personality mixes inspiration with aspiration – inviting women to join a successful, yet simple, system.

The Effect

Developed with her extensive marketing strategy in mind, we ensured Hollee’s look, sound and feel were consistent (and iconic) across multiple applications, including social media, photography, printed collateral and digital newsletters. Cohesive in every aspect, this material contributes to a uniquely ‘human’ persona.

The Images

Striving to create an inclusive brand from the get-go, photography is welcoming, nurturing and highly professional. Warm, evocative imagery and a family-oriented focus showcase Hollee's true spirit - distinguishing her as a desirable mentor in a sea of competitors. 

Thank you Being for working with me on my ideas, and bringing them to life in such a beautiful, heartfelt way. I could not be happier. The amazing response I have received about my website and branding has made me feel so proud. It has been a pleasure to have found and worked with such a fun, genuinely caring, talented, and professional group of people.
Founder, Hollee
The Process

We’ve been lucky enough to help Hollee’s business grow from conception to a fully functional brand. Witnessing the blossoming confidence and success of such a genuine businesswoman makes us twice as proud of the finished result.

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