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Ginja Design

Ginja Design

Ginja Design crafts stationery that takes you places. 

In need of greater brand clarity and a viable sales platform, we established a colourful, comprehensive identity for Ginja.

This lively stationery line is inspired by exotic international destinations. Its bright patterns reflect the vibrant nature of its founder – combing her passion for geometric surface design with her personal love of travel.

Working to understand Ginja’s future vision, we developed a strong, versatile wordmark for the brand. Engaging circular geometry as a vehicle for balance, the logo sits comfortably amongst fellow stationery competitors, whilst remaining distinctive in tone. Its signature shade – a turquoise labelled ‘Azure’ – unifies Ginja’s products with its website, brand collateral and social content.

The Appeal

Positioning product photography as an enhancement tool for colours and patterns, styling incorporated vibrant props reflective of Ginja’s main demographic – young women. Brand voice was deliberately crafted to echo this, pitching itself as punchy and cool with clipped, friendly phrasing.

Thank you so much for bringing my little business to life! Not only have you helped me with the direction I want to take my passion, you have helped me to rebrand and create such a crisp, clean and punchy website – which I love! You have helped me achieve more in a few months than I was able to do in over a year.
Founder, Ginja Design
The Result

Our combined efforts yielded highly positive results for our incredible client. As a team, Being’s job was to shape greater clarity across the entire brand. There can be no confusion now – so all in all, we think we did it pretty well. Take a look for yourself.