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The Filmery

The Filmery

The Filmery sits among the state's leading cinematic storytellers.

The Filmery wanted a new look; one that would enforce their position as industry leaders in the music video scene.

We collaborated with the team to shape a fresh brand identity, intended to attract both creatives and corporates alike. Their new logo pays homage to vintage film and movie posters, while keeping a firm grasp on cleanliness – effortlessly blending the studio’s passion and professionalism.

The Design

Identity design for The Filmery echoes the team’s desire to open expansive opportunities into other cinematic fields. Stationery incorporates viewfinder elements, engaging voyeuristic features of the device to frame the logo within a mise-en-scene.

It isn’t often you come across a team like Being Brands. Not only have they been a pleasure to work with; their creative enthusiasm for producing beautiful content of the highest quality is incredibly inspiring.
Cinematographer, The Filmery
The Result

Showcasing the team’s impressive body of work through creative collateral, a bold, filmic website and funny, engaging calls-to-action has been nothing short of fun. We wish nothing but success to this talented, down-to-earth crew.