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Everyone Can Play

Everyone Can Play

Everyone Can Play provides those who design, build and maintain playspaces with the tools to make them more inclusive.

Eager to inject a sense of play into this incredibly important document, Open Space and Parklands enlisted our strategic, writing and design support.

From a colourful, abstract pattern to emotive case studies, we brought a human touch to Everyone Can Play ¬– ensuring the document stood out from standard government guidelines.

The Concept

Playful patterns invite open interpretation, whether you see a playground’s aerial view, diverse playspace users or Indigenous Australian art. The pastel palette serves as a vibrant visual tool, moving away from classic department conventions.

The Photography

Balancing focus between children, adults and the elderly, photography ensures the document’s true purpose is served: to showcase different faces of Australia’s playspaces. Brightly lit, natural shots aid the storytelling, giving the document a human touch.

The Process

Once the strategic recommendations were approved, we wrote the document, integrating input from representatives of the eventual user group. Design and copywriting worked concurrently, with conceptual elements translated into graphic devices throughout the document.