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Energy NSW

Energy NSW

Energy NSW is a central hub for energy-related information.

To house a great amount of consolidated data, we delivered major content restructuring and website design.

Developing an information architecture based on Energy’s existing, jobs-to-be-done structure, our aim was to deliver an improved user experience for a diverse range of consumers. With a strict focus on WCAG 2.0 AA compliance, all designed deliverables met format and documentation requirements.


As one of the most web-friendly typefaces on the market, Montserrat is the type of choice for Energy NSW. Clear and easy to read, accessible sizing is essential in helping all users digest information.


The website’s Renewables section showcases the benefits of complex information architecture. Translating multiple layers of information into accessible content, the page features a breakdown and shuffle of page hierarchy, categorised information, and representative icons and imagery.


Outlining Energy NSW and the Energy Saver brands, the style guide orients readers on accessibility rules for colours, typefaces, icons, imagery and collateral.