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Cove Property Agents

Cove Property Agents

Cove Property Agents provide next level property service.

A commune of independent real estate agents joining experience, Cove required a unified brand identity above all.

Engaging soothing, coastal colours and modern minimalism to resonate with the population it serves, Cove’s identity is evenly balanced – subtly inspiring client trust. This symmetry translates across various brand applications, with vertical and horizontal shifts dependent on collateral size and layout.

The Collateral

Pastel colours and evocative imagery invite prospective buyers to explore the brand in much the same way they would a property. Simple iconography enables easy navigation, enhancing brand clarity and consumer experience.

The Outcome

Soft and beachy, Cove fits comfortably within its setting. Cohesive, professional and calm, the brand embodies the expert attitudes of its leaders – delivering unparalleled design alongside an incomparable service.