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Carneys Lawyers

Carneys Lawyers

Carneys Lawyers is a commercial law firm located in Sydney’s CBD.

Refreshing their identity to coincide with an office upgrade, Carneys requested a brand that reflected their diverse service offering.

Working with key graphic elements from the original logo, we refined a sophisticated look and feel. From a monochromatic colour palette through to elegant typography, Carneys' new identity offers the brand polished professionalism.


Alluding to the former logo's aviation nods, Carneys’ identity is noteably pared back. Website imagery is abstract yet striking, engaging popular destinations around Sydney to implicate the firm as the best in the city.


The stationery suite uses clean lines to break up and balance text, creating a sleek, cohesive aesthetic. Simple brand elements are creatively adapted to suit various forms of print collateral, from business cards to comps slips and letterheads to relocation cards.


Presented identity concepts explore three different creative directions, including: a timeless, classical look, ties to the aviation industry, and the idea of connection through lettering and words. Each logo engages elegant typography to ensure design is both professional and legible.