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Capital Counts

Capital Counts

Capital Counts offers expert financial advice and education. 

To connect with clientele on a deeper level, the company commissioned a modern, accessible rebrand. 

New brand elements are highly flexible, shifting to accommodate text-heavy collateral.

The unique pairing of vivid, electric blue and restrained phrasing position the revised identity as both striking and calm – a harmonious contradiction in itself. Bold design and a short, sharp tagline are overt in their aim to draw attention – communicating business value to prospective clients immediately.

The Design

Iconic to the identity is the prominent implementation of cobalt – a colour that inspires both trust and excitement. Building on the company's dynamic rapport with clientele, logo design echoes notions of connection, be they between advisor and client, or client and dream.

The Process

Collaboration plays an integral role in successfully balancing the contemporary and professional. As copy and design equalise one another, so too do Being and Capital Counts. In establishing a modern, trustworthy identity, the new brand presents the company in an inimitable light – communicating combined security and strength.

After dropping in to see Being Brands, I was so impressed by the warmth, friendliness and professionalism of this organisation. The first meeting was exceptional, with a pleasant surprise. I knew right then I needed Being on my team!
Managing Director, Capital Counts