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Cafe Soto

Cafe Soto

Café Soto’s menu isn’t the only fresh thing they’re serving up.

In the process of taking ownership of Avalon-based Café Soto, its new managers agreed the outmoded brand could do with a little revitalisation.

Offering the clients multiple identities based on outstanding aspects of the brand, we delivered a cheeky sailor personality inspired by black and white surf photography, a lush homage to Australia’s tropical regions, and the ultimate winner – colourful, juicy fruit blended with the original logo’s trademark round elements.

The Creative

Arresting copy and typographic styling were paired to create eye-catching marketing collateral, appropriate to the sunny, relaxed vibe of the locals. Playful, bold and incredibly fresh, the brand speaks for the café’s vibrant, nourishing menu and its lively, young management.

Cards, fantastic! Signage, fantastic! Pamphlets, fantastic! Thanks so much to Being Brands. Ace job once again!
Owner, Café Soto