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Australian Taxation Office

Australian Taxation Office

As the Government’s principal revenue collection body, the Australian Taxation Office stands in an elite class of professionalism.

Setting out on a path of reinvention, the ATO will alter operation and strategic direction over the next few years to better meet community needs and expectations.

Consulting closely with the ATO, we developed a strong, specialised identity to support its SES conference; a revered event featuring internationally acclaimed guest speakers. Crafted to express the strength of the organisation through highly brand compliant design, the identity centred on unity – as was the aim of the conference.

The Website

The conference’s accompanying website was built with the user experience in mind, utilising clear navigation and minimal content layout to align with the ATO’s new course of action – establishing a culture of integrity.

Concept Two

Visually referencing the impressive shadow cast by leadership, concept two engages a striking, yet complementary, blend of grey and maroon – achieving professionalism through simplicity.

Culture Strategy Review

Being entrusted with government work is always a privilege, and we strive to deliver work of the highest standard. Cover design for the ATO's Culture Strategy Review reflects the professionalism of content within, highlighting key information in a clear, engaging format.