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4 Lucky Ducks

4 Lucky Ducks

Competition community 4 Lucky Ducks is all about giving. 

4 Lucky Ducks’ key launch challenge was finding a heart for the brand; something its identity could be built on.

Though starting small, the company’s genuine desire to do good by those who need it most was evident from the outset.

Helping to develop a name, brand story and visual identity, we focused heavily on the notion of happiness – creating a vibrant, yellow personality and a simple illustrative style that could be rolled out distinctively across social media. Brand voice and tone are inquisitive and playful, working to establish an inclusive community environment.

The Community

Aiding in initial social media management, campaign creation, marketing, and photography, we developed brand collateral consistent with 4 Lucky Ducks' image and mission – encouraging donors, winners, and followers to gift the same kindness to others.

The Appeal

The effervescent yellow behind the brand was no accident. An eye-catching colour scheme, animated content, and novelty references all serve to attract the attention of readers browsing their social feeds. 

I love Being! Together we’ve grown an online community from the ground up, turned my brand into something truly unique, and brought a little happiness to the lives of a lot of people. The entire team really knows how to make you feel special.
Founder, 4 Lucky Ducks
The Process

Shaping 4 Lucky Ducks into a treasured online collective was a collaborative effort from the outset. That’s because the heart of the identity isn’t the colour, the feed, or the copy at all; it’s the symbiotic relationship between its community and founder. If there’s one thing 4 Lucky Ducks stands for, it’s people. Everything else follows after.