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When it comes to branding, perspectives, stories and insights are endless. Here are some thoughts on what we’ve learned so far.

Being at B&T
In the running for Emerging Agency of the Year.
Three Kinds of Growth
And what’s important.
Being Does London
We're taking our business on an international ride.
Being Three
Occasionally silly, never camera-shy.
Being Chris
The Luna Wear movement.
#Starting A Movement
The power of the hashtag.
Being Kerry
A matter of principal.
Colourful Characters
Brightening your brand’s personality.
A Colourful Campaign
Vibrant language and vivid colours combine in The Tea Centre’s Tastes of Summer.
Colourful Characters
Brightening your brand’s personality.
A Colourful Campaign
Vibrant language and vivid colours combine in The Tea Centre’s Tastes of Summer.
The Psychology of Colour in Branding
Why orange is optimistic and purple is creative.
Simplicity in Branding
The best brands are simple brands.
Yes! Brands
Don't take no for an answer.
Being Festive
Peace, love, joy and Christmas cards.
The Being Mobile
How many Beings does it take to fill up a Mini?
Being Cultured
No company is ever too big or small for great culture.
Millennial Pink
We take a look at 2017’s biggest colour trend.
Being's Top 20 Fictional Companies
In no particular order.
Trial and Error
If you're getting nowhere, it's time to try something new.
The Village Florist
Personal touches for our local florist.
Leaders in Branding
The People v. The President.
Classique Dance
How we got moving on a dance school's new identity.
Building a Lasting Brand
Two questions. What do you want to achieve? What can you afford?
Making Memories
To consumers, brands are more than the corporations they represent. They’re family.
Benefits of a Good Website
These days everyone’s got one. But what’s so good about a 'good' website?
Type Oh!
Design, no matter how well planned, is only as good as bad copy.
In Style
They say fashion fades, but style is eternal.
What elevates an exceptional brand from an average one? Artistry.
Get Social
Struggling to sell your brand online? Try out our favourite social strategies.
Growing Pains
Don’t rush to call the doctor. Business pains are part of the beauty of growing up.
Hook, Line and Sinker
Trying to reel people in? Fish for prospective consumers with these marketing tips.
We envy the lucky ones; those ‘rare’ people in love with the life they’re living.
Hit Refresh
Unsure if you’re in need of a new website? We’re here to help.
Training for Success
New business ventures are daunting for people who've never competed.
Breaking Up
Like ill-fated relationships, some brands are too good to be true.
Soothing a Tantrum
Arnott’s caused a stir with Shapes. Consumers didn't like it.
Beauty: Done Well
The attraction of Dove's 'Real Beauty' campaign.
Being's 5 Logo Laws
Thou shalt not commit bad design.
Falling in Love with a Brand
You’ve always wanted something special, but when it happens, it's unexpected.
Before your brand can be loved, it must first be trusted.
Taking that Tone
Voice, tone, and how they speak for you.
The Heart of the Brand
Without heart, even the best brand is just average.
Caring for Brands that don't Succ
If your business is a seed, your target market is the soil.

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