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Trial and Error

Trial and Error
If you're getting nowhere, it's time to try something new.
I can never find the things that work best until I know the things that don’t work.
Thomas Edison

Trial and error is one of the most fundamental methods of problem solving. If your marketing tactics are getting you nowhere, maybe it’s time to try something new.

The Right Place

You’re not going to sell a lot of vegetables at a boxing match. Sure, you could probably palm a few veggies off to the punters, but you’d turn a much more valuable trade at the greengrocer’s.

Certain marketing channels just won’t suit your brand. That’s fine.

Knowing where to sell your services, share your campaigns and focus your energy will only improve engagement results. If you’re strictly professional, try email campaigns and LinkedIn. If your brand is more visual, head to Instagram and Pinterest.

Find the forum that connects you to your people first – then go from there.

The Right People

A necessary aspect of trial and error is testing your demographic. Before you begin, clarify your market. Teenage boys and working mums generally don’t follow the same kinds of accounts. Why? Different interests.

Active wear companies – like Lorna Jane – know their customers appreciate motivation. What’s more rousing than one inspirational quote? Lots of them!

Lorna Jane use their Instagram to inspire

To prevent their motivational designs from going stale, the company constantly mixes up message, colour, font and placement.

Your audience might love funny pictures of dogs, dancing videos, or editorials. Experiment with a few different kinds of posts at first (articles, quotes, GIFS, images) to determine what works best. And if you still don’t know, ask!

The Right Time

Marketing moves fast. Forget years, we’re talking months.

Once upon a time, advertising existed primarily on radio; then it moved to television. The Internet followed, and now we have social media.

Promotion across these platforms hasn’t halted – we still endure insurance jingles between songs and bear fast food commercials between programs – but untapped marketing avenues open up all the time.

The hottest burgeoning trend in advertising at the moment is virtual reality. Coca Cola had a sleigh ride with Santa, Topshop delivered the front-row fashion experience, and Marriott transported people to Hawaii.

Topshop’s trendsetting fashion show
Marriott takes you to faraway places in the Transporter
The Right Story

Keep an eye on the news; contemporary headlines and events can provide popular campaign exposure.

In 2016, Norwegian Air’s print advertisement received positive international reception for capitalising on the then-recent split of a Hollywood power couple.

Norwegian Air knows how to advertise

A socially relevant campaign doesn’t have to centre on celebrity gossip however. Politics, world news and major events can all factor into your content. The trick is to pick a headline relevant to your industry, then capitalise on it through creative brand association.

* * *

The biggest test of trial and error is staying true to your brand. Experimenting with different marketing techniques is how you learn – but your campaigns must always be authentic in their intentions.

Don’t borrow, don’t copy; just try until you succeed.

If you’re looking for a little innovative assistance, give Being a go. We love to try new things.