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The Heart of the Brand

The Heart of the Brand
Without heart, even the best brand is just average.

Without heart, even the best brand is just average. It’s a ‘good’ brand. It’s ‘fine’. It’s – you know, ‘okay’. In business, this intangible concept of heart is difficult to quantify and essential to convey. The heart is the strong, reliable core that powers and informs every strategic marketing decision. Without it, the brand is lifeless.

Heart to Heart Lessons

The human heart runs blood through the circulatory system, delivering life-sustaining oxygen and nutrients to the body. But the heart is more than an automated pump mechanism; in fact, it’s the largest, strongest electromagnetic field in the body. This electromagnetic field contains information and coding – positive or negative energies like love and hate – that envelop each individual cell. Put simply, your heart transmits instinctive, emotional energy to the farthest reaches of your body. Heart-warming – isn’t it? Your brand should do the same for your business.

Heart Health

We’ve all heard of that ‘chat’ with the doctor – the friendly caution to keep fit and active for the sake of your heart. You can preserve the health of your brand by checking for these warning symptoms:

Warning Symptoms

  • Lack of Clarity and Consistency
    Mixed messages, an abundance of conflicting concepts, inconsistent design and confused copy all indicate a severe heart problem. Your brand should be formed from the DNA of one solid heart – not several frantic brain waves.
  • No Promise
    Some (unsuccessful) brands end at the title and logo. They offer no message, no product, no assurance to the consumer. With just a name, your brand is surviving on a faint pulse. Without an offer, that pulse stops beating.
  • Outdated Collateral
    An old heart weakens with neglect. Promoting brand collateral that hasn’t been updated since the second millennium has a direct, detrimental impact on business. To revive an ancient heart, monitor market needs and modernise where necessary.
  • Misunderstanding the Marketplace
    Does your brand target the right group of people? Perhaps your energy is inappropriate for your demographic? Conscious targeting should be entwined in the fabric of your brand’s genetics. Vague audience outreach projects negative energy – driving potential consumers away.
Take Heart

To evade future heartbreak, identifying a clear key message is as important as life or death. This message becomes your brand – the business core – beating stronger with steady nourishment over time.

Focus on maintaining brand consistency by asking yourself personal questions.

What does your business offer to consumers?

What does your business stand for?

Which demographic are you hoping to attract?

Are you promoting the right energy to do so?

What is your primary business objective?

Is existing collateral aligned with your vision?

Clarifying your aims to yourself will clarify your brand to the desired market.

Uniformity of concept, voice and tone will improve your brand health dramatically, greatly reducing the risk of future heart failure. A well-tended, healthy brand will pump your business full of life – generating and returning positive consumer energy.

When business heart is developed, your brand will resonate in the hearts of others.

If symptoms persist, seek the urgent attention of a branding specialist.