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Growing Pains

Growing Pains
Don’t rush to call the doctor. Business pains are part of the beauty of growing up.

Is your business giving you a headache? Are you suffering from foreign aches and pains? We've got the diagnosis handy.

Growing Out

Young start-ups may begin to experience pain akin to ‘teething’ a few weeks or months into brand building. Teething milestones and symptoms will vary from business to business, but generally present the company with unexpected difficulties.

The term ‘teething issues’ is common in the world of marketing, gently summarising early product and project problems. Like children cutting teeth, businesses are expected to work through the pain until it is no longer an issue.

It’s important to remember that unexpected pain is not untreatable pain. Babies cannot comprehend the importance of teething, nor identify the source of discomfort – but they can cry out. Sometimes, it takes a wizened person (or company) with experience in the issue to help relieve the situation.

Growing Up

Adolescent growth aches are typically located in the muscles of the business, rather than the joints. Felt by employers and employees both, these cramping pains suggest a pressing need to expand current operations.

Growing pains typically occur twice: between the ages of 3 and 5 (a small start-up evolving into a medium sized business) and again between 8 and 12 (a medium business developing into a large company).

Though the necessity to expand may be a pain now – possibly even keeping you awake at night – growth is a positive, natural process for both children and businesses alike.

If your company isn’t ready to get bigger, try massaging out the kinks until you feel some improvement. Whether you hire a part-time intern or allow your staff to share additional responsibilities temporarily, the ache will fade into a distant memory once your business is ready to grow.

Growing Old

Arthritis takes many different forms and can affect all kinds of people, at most ages. Pain is deeply rooted in the joints and is often constant. Though it may be an incredibly difficult disorder to live with physically, in business early intervention is possible.

An arthritic brand shows definite signs of degeneration. Out-dated design, broken links and incoherent copy are only a few of the endless symptoms. However, physical activity and exercise have been shown to benefit people suffering arthritis – and the same principle applies to branding.

If your brand has had the good fortune to lead a long, happy life, letting it go inactive would be a sad ending. Rather than allowing your business to suffer slowly from a painful condition, seek the attention of a specialist: someone to manage your schedule and help get your brand back on the path to wellbeing.