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Caring for Brands that don't Succ

Caring for Brands that don't Succ
If your business is a seed, your target market is the soil.
Plant in the Right Soil

If your business is a seed, your target market is the soil. When planning business growth it is always important to plant in the right market. The same maple that withers in swamp thrives in clay.

Question your brand. What is it? Who is it for? Are you engaging your audience effectively? Why? Why not? Perhaps you’re situated in the wrong soil.

Let it Grow

With nourishment your brand will develop naturally. Consistency of care will enable your business to thrive at a sustainable pace. If consumers offer feedback, genuinely consider their suggestions. It’s far easier to weed out bad brand influences when the business is young.

Find the Sweet Spot

For plants, every building has a ‘sweet spot’ – a windowsill that receives optimal exposure to sunlight. Consider which sweet spot will earn your brand the most exposure. A social media campaign? A website? Print media? Remember, a lot of sunlight isn’t necessarily good for every plant.

Don't Neglect It

Though your brand may be healthy now, strong plants still die when forgotten. Building a brand isn’t enough without maintenance. Stay attuned to shifting business wants and demands. Trim, water and nourish as required, and your brand and business will continue to grow together for a very long time. If further support is required, we can help you replant with your roots in tact.