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Benefits of a Good Website

Benefits of a Good Website
These days everyone’s got one. But what’s so good about a 'good' website?
A Website Increases your Exposure

It’s the 21st century. If someone is seeking a service or a product they’re going to Google it first. Getting your brand online is basic. But did you know that strategic search engine optimisation (SEO) boosts your website’s ranking, helping potential customers find you more efficiently? You can market your skills to locals or ship your merchandise internationally. A website offers an unlimited global outreach. Try getting that without one.

A Website Increases your Sales

More site traffic, more sales. Next.

A Website is Easy to Update

Pushed out print material with your old contact details? That update will cost you in inconvenience, customers and cash. Know what’s quick, easy and free to edit? A website. Now, we’re not saying your website should totally replace printed collateral and advertising– but it is the fastest, most efficient way to keep customers in the know. This way you’ve got the ability to change content quickly, strategically and cheaply.

A Website Offers Useful Information

Google Analytics helps you track data, visitor traffic, messages and emails – offering an invaluable breakdown of your customers and demographics, their wants and needs, and successful marketing tactics. If you’re clever, you can capitalise on this info by improving visitor engagement and tailoring your promotions to them.

A Website Improves your Credibility

Like physical stores, some are good and some are bad. If you were on the hunt for a Chanel suit, would you wander into a high-end, perfumed boutique or a dingy bargain basement warehouse? Professional design, content and copy will go a long way to establish brand competence and credibility. Your site can still be great without looking luxe – as long as it’s not dodgy.

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If you could do with some guidance on getting online, let us know. Being would love to help you untangle the web.