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Being Kerry

Being Kerry
A matter of principal.

When I was in Grade Two, our class was tasked with an assignment; set up a store. Seemingly trivial to the other children, Kerry’s Corner meant a lot to me. Decked out in all the right marketing collateral (brochures, banners, advertisements), my mini supermarket earned full marks. I was passionate about planning for the big picture then, and it’s been the same ever since.

In today’s culture, brands face huge responsibility. It’s our duty as creatives to craft companies that genuinely engage with consumers, shape identities people can trust, and grow businesses customers love. Having the power to impact lives in such a positive way is nothing short of magic. With so many brand possibilities, the opportunity to explore and realise highly conceptual ideas is something that drives me every day. If you’ve got the right partner to grow and nurture your business, anything is possible; everything can be done.

Being Brands has become a microcosm of all the things I love. It exemplifies hard work, mateship, achievement, bravery, fun and kindness. If we prioritise our people, then our work, good things will happen naturally. After all, we’re just humans working with other humans. No matter how big we become, how many successes we share, or trials we face, we will always be an agency that does things differently.

We will always stand for something wonderful.