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Being Chris

Being Chris
The Luna Wear movement.

Design is in my blood. My dad is a graphic designer and printer by trade, and my mum is a dressmaker, so it's seemed like a natural fit for me from a young age. I'd watch the two of them merge form and function, and I grew to appreciate that kind of creativity.

In the past, I've had experience with companies that weren't strictly ethical. Situations like that have been a little disappointing for me, as my natural instinct is to do the 'right' thing.
As Being's first employee, there was this assumption I was taking a leap of faith. In all honesty, my decision to join the business never felt scary, because I believed in Kerry. I believed in her authentic intention to create an agency that did good by its employees and clients. And I was inspired; by her leadership and by the immense potential I saw for the company.

Now, I'm going a little off topic. Stay with me. I love dogs. I've always loved them, I'll love them all my life.

So when I encountered a severely neglected stray in 2015, the reality of people's cruelty seemed especially shocking to me. Three years later, Luna is mine. (Yay!) She is safe, she is loved, and she will never experience that kind of pain again.

As much as I wanted to, I couldn't rescue all dogs. But I could rally behind a good cause, manufacture a great product, and ask people for help. Which is what I did.

Before Being, I'd always wanted to channel my desire to 'help' into something creative, but had never had the outlet. Lucky for me, the team sensed my enthusiasm and just ran with it. In a practical sense, Being helped me create the name, brand story and illustrations, but more importantly, they backed me one hundred percent. Their general encouragement, people believing in what I was doing - that was really nice. That's still really nice.

Every day, Being encourages me to embrace my urge to do good. It's been almost overwhelming to see our team grow the way it has. I always believed we'd get bigger, but it's like our culture has been validated in the process. You can do things without compromising any sort of integrity, and still be successful.

Being Brands is a business. Team Being is my family. And I find that very profound.